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The 46th Aii Field trip to Phum Domnak Domrey Resort

The 46th Aii Field trip to Phum Domnak Domrey Resort was one of the most awaited, illuminating, and satisfying experience to all the partakers who have visited the venue. Both the students and teachers including the staffs had a great time enjoying the beautiful scenery, the refreshing weather and the enticing food. It was evident that the place was something revitalizing; and quality time were spent well with friends and family who have joined the momentous event. With such event, it will surely linger in the minds of the participants and without a doubt, we will be looking forward for the next Aii field trips. These field trips that we have, truly lifts up the spirit of everyone as we all enjoy every activity, fun games, presentations and the joy rides. Subsequently, everyone has built a strong bond together with secured long lasting friendships with their friends and teachers. Apart from that, everyone became much closer and appreciative towards the type of environment and nature that the place has offered. The culture  of the place brought everyone as one family with so much happiness, laugher and joy in our hearts; and that is all thanks to Aii for making the trip possible for everyone.

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