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Pre-Kid Program (Pre-kid)

The Pre-kid Program is carefully designed to slowly ease and familiarize kids into academic world. It serves as a vital foundation and enhances the developmental growth of children as it gives students room…

Kid Program (KID)

At the Aii Language Centers, we offer Kid Program which is specifically and carefully designed for children until the age of 13. This program is conducted on a full-time basis to cover every aspect of the English language.

General English Program

General English Program (GEP) is a program designed for 12 levels of study. Its purpose is for students to attain an advanced level of English study.

Advanced English Program

Advanced English Program (AEP) is an eight-level program, which lasts for approximately two years. This program embedded the TOEFL iBT Preparation Course to equip students with enough ability and skills to take the official TOEFL iBT as a prerequisite for graduation.

English for Specific Purposes

Nowadays the need to improve English language skills for students and workers becomes more demanding as English is used in variety of purposes, for example, business, tourism, engineering, where more ESP skills such as…

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