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Ratana Touch

Office of the Campus Director

Ratana Touch is currently holding a position as a Campus Director at Aii Language Center, Chak Angre Campus

Ms. Ratana takes pride in her role as an educator and a leader in the educational field. She believes that education could transform people from any background to be the better versions of themselves. During her teaching service for 10 years, she has earned remarkable achievements in her academic work. Her ambition in establishing the Cambodian human capital never fades. To achieve her vision, she keeps learning and applying her acquired knowledge and skills to work. In 2020, she earned a full-funded scholarship to pursue her master’s degree (TESOL) in New Zealand. After returning from her postgraduate study, she joined an international university in Phnom Penh, and there she has been promoted a couple of times from lecturer to the Head, School of Preparatory Studies.

Ms. Ratana joined Aii Language Center in early November 2022 as a Deputy Campus Director. Not long after that, she was promoted to be a Campus Director on March 01, 2023.

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